August 15, 2014


Today we are excited to have Jessica of Happy Hughes sharing her tips on how to stay active with your little people!  Jessica is a workoutaholic and her blog is full of inspiration on the subject. We are so happy to have here as another one of our contributors!


As an active mom with a VERY active toddler, I try and keep us both moving (and in his case, learning) every day.  Here is a typical day in the life:

We wake up with a good cup of "coffee" (milk in his case).  He likes to copy everything I do, so of course a Starbucks cup is necessary.  Then we do some yoga in the living room.  Before you roll your eyes, I use the term "yoga" loosely.  I play some relaxing music and stretch and my mini-me tries to follow what I do.  Most of the time he follows along for a couple minutes, and then he'll snuggle up next to me for some hugs and kisses.  

Here's his famous "yoga" position- the husband and I call it the "Huddy Duddy".  After yoga I get this busy body out of the house.  One of our favorites?  Walking the greenway.  I grab the stroller and a grocery bag and we're off.

"C'mon Mom let's go playyyyy"

While walking, Huddy and I find different "treasures" such as rocks, twigs, etc.  I'll repeat the name of each object before we put it in the bag. 

Between our hunt for "treasures" and his crazy bursts of energy, I get a good walk in while we explore.  When he's tuckered out I'll put him in the running stroller and work out for another 30 minutes with running and lunges.  Then we'll head home for lunch and nap time.

After nap time, we normally find something fun to do in the yard.  Chalk is one of our favorites. 

Obviously Huddy at 14 months is a little too young to understand hop scotch, but he still has a great time!  We draw the blocks together and he'll help by coloring them in.  Then I'll hopscotch, turning each jump into a squat.  10 blocks x 10 trips= 100 squats!  He thinks it's hilarious, running back and forth and laughing while I sweat and grunt.  


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  1. Love this...definitely stealing the grocery bag collection of nature when my little man starts running around. I love creative learning!