We are Megan & Kailee, both mother's and die hard design lovers living in southern California. Between the two of us, we have 6 kids and gain our inspiration from our littles every day! We believe every mother needs a creative outlet and this project is ours.

Megan started her home decor and textile company (Goods by Grinn) at the beginning of 2013 and Kailee started her kids fashion line (Miss J Handmade) in the summer of 2013. Both companies grew quickly enough to when the beginning of 2014 came around, something needed to give. With the same vision for their companies, Megan and Kailee decided to join forces, hire out some help, and develop a new brand. So here we are, welcome to STAY and Co.

Together, we have big dreams and big ideas for STAY and Co. We feel lucky to have made the contacts that we have that are making our dreams a reality. We appreciate the support of those around us who cheer us on and our customers who we love! STAY tuned for more things to come!